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Puritan Background Research Project


"Voki is an educational tool that allows users to create their very own talking character. Voki is brought to you by Oddcast, the leader in cutting edge, user-driven marketing. Oddcast has powered some of the Web's most successful social media campaigns.

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Puritan Background Project

Puritan Background Project

1600 – 1692

1. Important/ Prestigious Names

* William Bradford

* John Winthrop

* Jonathan Edwards

* Cotton Mather

* Anne Bradstreet

2. Puritan Religious Beliefs and Customs

* Characteristics

* Important people

* Roles of men & women

3. Puritan Reasons for Immigration (including England background)

*Conditions in England

* Religious & Political

* Trip to America

4. The Enlightenment

* Define

* Important people

* Effects on America/Religion

5. The Great Awakening

* Define

* Important people

* Effects on America/Religion

Puritan Background Project Rubric

________Outline (50 daily points)

  • Formatted correctly in MLA

  • Includes information covered on Power Point

________Works Cited (50 daily points)

  • Formatted correctly in MLA

  • Minimum of 2 sources

________Power Point (50 test points)

  • Printed copy of slides

  • Covers required information accurately

  • Has depth

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Correctly spelled & punctuated

  • Logically organized

  • Not too many points/words per slide

  • Wow factor!

________Presentation (50 test points)

  • Knows information

  • Did not read from paper/notecard

  • Made eye contact/ good posture

  • Gave presentation in a timely, logical manner

Directions & Procedures for Assignment

Students are partnered or grouped (depending on size of class) and randomly draw which project they are assigned. Students are given 4 days in the library lab to gather sources, create an MLA Works Cited and outline, and produce a Power Point. Presentations are given by students on day 5.

Works Cited

"Create." Voki Home. Oddcast, Inc., 2014. Web. 17 Sept. 2014


Voki is a good tool if the student is assigned to research/present a historical person or character. A Voki character could be incorporated with a historical event or story to explain the sequence of events or plotline.

Creating a Voki character took my students about 20 minutes; however, the students who did this project had had experience using Voki before (lucky for me since this was my first time to incorporate it in my lesson!). An inexperienced student will probably require more time. One problem we ran into is that the headphones would not work on the library lab computer, so the student creators were unable to actually hear their character speak until the day of presenting. After the students finished their Voki, they emailed it to me, and we were able to copy and paste the link into their Power Point slide.

I thought the Voki lesson turned out pretty well, but some of the character's words were difficult to understand. The student audience was very receptive and enjoyed the novelty of Voki. I am planning to use Voki again not only with the students but also in my own presentations!

Creator of this Smore

Kim Dorsey teaches junior and senior English at Aledo High School. She has taught at Aledo for 22 years and still loves it!