September 2020 Arrangements

Part 3 Wraparound Care

We can't wait to welcome all the children to school in September!

However - let's start by being completely clear - COVID-19 has not yet gone away.

Whilst welcoming all children back this autumn, we will also be asked to minimise the number of contacts that a child has during the school day as part of implementing the system of controls outlined by risk assessment to reduce the risk of transmission. All elements of the system of controls are essential.

The overarching principle we are having to apply is to reduce the number of contacts between children and staff. We will achieve this through keeping phase or year groups separate (in ‘bubbles’) and through maintaining distance between individuals. These are not alternative options and both measures will help, but the balance between them will change depending on:

  • children’s ability to distance from others.
  • the lay out of the school and the movement needed.
  • the feasibility of keeping distinct groups separate while offering a broad curriculum and a near normal school experience.
  • the necessity for enhanced hygiene measures.

It is likely that for younger children the emphasis will be on separating groups, and for older children it will be on distancing. For children old enough, we will also be supporting them to maintain distance and not touch staff where possible.

It's still wraparound but with a difference

Just as there are strict control measures in place during the school day - there will also be the same measures applied to Wraparound Care clubs.

The children must not bring anything extra for wraparound, and they must adhere to the school uniform and hygiene controls.


Sorry - you may be disappointed if you don't book promptly

This may not be good news but we are sorry - we need to stay as safe as possible in these difficult times. Previously we had no cap on numbers - we just added more staff if numbers went up. However - we can no longer do this - numbers have to be restricted. For the time being there is an essential cap on the numbers of children in the space we have. We will review numbers and let you know if it changes.

Session Times

Breakfast Club -

  • Any time from 7:30am until the start of school.

Staff will never admit the children until 7:30am so please do not knock before then.

After School Club -

  • Session 1 = from the end of school until 5pm.
  • Session 2 = from 5pm to 6pm


We know that our rate is very competitive and other child care provision is much more expensive. We want to help you out in this financially difficult time and therefore will not be increasing our prices for the time being.

  • Breakfast club = £.3.50 per child per day.
  • After school club = £4 a day until 5pm, £7 a day until 6pm per child.

Late fees

If you are late - please don't panic - we won't turf your child out - however - there will be additional fees on your account. This is because school will have to pay staff for working overtime and this will mean a loss of income which we cannot afford.

We will strictly apply the following late fees:

  • If your booking is for a 5pm pick up and you are late, arriving between 5:10pm and 5:15pm there will be a £1 fee.
  • If your booking is for a 5pm pick up and you arrive after 5:15pm you will be charged an extra £3 instead - the price of the second session which normally ends at 6pm. This will apply even if you arrive at 5:16pm!
  • If you book your child in until 6pm and you are late, arriving between 6:10pm and 6:15pm, there will be a £1 fee. You will then accrue a fee of £1 for every following 10mins that you are late.

Please don't be late if you can help it.


The food offered at breakfast club remains unchanged but the service will change. Each child will be served their food individually rather than helping themselves from a communal table or buffet.

At after school club, the greatest changes will apply. On arrival, the children will be offered a small snack and a drink but will not receive a meal. Those children staying until 6pm will be offered a further snack and drink after 5pm but will still not receive a meal. Snacks may consist of foods such as a bag of crisps, a piece of fruit, a slice of toast, a biscuit, a bun, breadsticks, veg sticks etc.

Therefore - whatever time you pick up your child, please remember that they have not yet had their evening meal.

If your child has an allergy to certain foods or has specific dietary requirements e.g. diabetes, please get in touch with us when we come back to school in September, to discuss how you can support us to provide safely for your child. Please do not assume that special arrangements made before COVID can still apply - these may have to change.

Pick Up and Drop Off

This is another area of great change. You will not have to buzz at the main gate to drop off or pick up your child.

  • The clubs will both continue to be held in the Infant (Victorian) hall. When you drop off your child, please use the Victorian door. The gate to the yard will stand open. Staff members will be there to answer your knock on the door. (see red arrow in picture)
  • To get your child from after school club, you may now arrive at any time, regardless of your original booking time, and pick up your child by knocking at that same door.
  • Please do not enter the building. Please note that if you arrive early, you will still be charged the full session rate - ie, you will not save on cost by arriving mid-session - the price will stand until the end of the session.


  • When picking your child up or dropping them off, please park on the far side of the Green where the Chestnut trees are or in surrounding roads.
  • The driveway between the two halves of the Green, the school driveway and the Victorian yard is strictly NO parking - even for just a few minutes. This is a vital safety zone for all of the children - please do not selfishly put our vulnerable pedestrians and local residents at risk or inconvenience for the sake of running a few minutes' late for work or saving your legs a few steps.
  • Please pass this message on to everyone who picks up or drops off your child to save embarrassment or unnecessary challenge.


Depending on the size of the group each day, children will play with toys or do quieter table top activities. They will not be bringing things home that they have made. If the weather and light is good, they will be encouraged to go outside with staff members to play. We will reduce the amount of communal activities and resources that we use.

Other measures

  • Children will be sanitised on arrival, and toilets sprayed with sanitiser after use.
  • They will be encouraged to restrict physical contact and to be socially distant with staff at all times.
  • If a member of the club shows symptoms of illness we will be contacting you sooner rather than later.
  • If a child needs first aid we will wear PPE to deal with the injury.
  • If a member of the club's family member tests positive for COVID, we will inform you so that you can be extra vigilant.
  • If a member of the club tests positive for COVID, we will inform you so that you can comply with self isolation for your child - we will follow the track and trace guidance to the letter.
  • The tables and toys will be wiped down by the staff during and after the sessions.

How to book and how to pay

Mrs Butler is your one point of contact for booking and paying for Wraparound Care. She is the only person you will need to email or phone to discuss it. Even if you have already emailed Mrs Taylor or Mrs Robinson over the holidays - you will still need to email Mrs Butler to make definite bookings. These pre-emptive emails have not counted as firm bookings - please do not miss out - you MUST book with Mrs Butler.

Bookings by emailing Mrs Butler only

To book one of the 30 places per session, please email Mrs Butler.

When you email her, please include your child's name and Yeargroup and if it is for after school club, what time your booking is for (ie until 5pm or until 6pm.) Please type 'wraparound care booking' in the message subject box.

Bookings can be made for the long or short term.

The reason bookings must be taken by email is so that there is a written record for risk assessment, administration purposes and to comply with the track and trace system.

Only in an absolute emergency can bookings be taken over the phone and these places can only be confirmed if there are spare places that day.

Payment by parent pay

Child care vouchers may be used to pay for wraparound. Please instigate vouchers in advance.

Ideally we would like to receive payment as soon as possible and in advance if possible, but payment MUST be made by the end of each week - each Friday by 3pm otherwise you will not be allowed to book for the following week. This is because we are not authorised to allow debt. Please try to pay as soon after your confirmation from Mrs Butler as possible.

These are not normal times

We are very sorry about the restricted numbers and strict controls. Please remember that we are not living in normal times and these restrictions are not our fault. Please don't shoot the messengers.


These arrangements follow current guidance and risk assessment. They may have to change according to unforeseen National and Local events or official instructions. We will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible if things change.