Social Contract

Chantell Mack

Elighten Thinkers impact on Social Contract

Social Contract is, an agreement for mutual benefit between an individual or group and the government or community as a whole. Thomas Hobbes believed that a powerful government like a monarchy was best for society. It will compel disobedience. John Locke says if a government fails to protect the natural rights of the people, the people have the power to overthrow that government.

Social Contract and a current event

Adidas wants to submit a $200 million contract with Houston Rockets guar, James Harden. If James Harden accept this deal, they will give him $200 million to makes Adidas shoes and uniforms for the outsiders.

Elighten Thinkers and Harden

Philosophers view on the current event

Jean-Jacques Rousseau says people should do whets best for their community. By James Harden accepting the submit, more clothes and shoes will be produce so people in the community can have something to wear. Adam Smith quotes, "Business should operate with little or no government interference." Harden should do whatever he want because, its his money and choice and the government should not have any say so about it.