Last Day of the SHD countdown!


Last Day of the Challenge, lets end it with a P@P!

Today's Challenge:
end the challenge with a P@P - p2p

Partner up for the first quarter of the year to keep each other on track and motivated to reach the goals you set for yourself and follow up on the seeds you planted during the countdown challenge..
Partner up via the Signature Haute Dots page...connect with your partner and decide:

How often are you going to connect?

How are you going to connect? Phone, Email, Text, FB Message

What is your top goal that you want your partner to support you with?

Post on the Signature Haute Dots page - your partner, how often you are going to connect, and top goal.

You have till Midnight EST today, Thursday, December 20th, to complete this challenge. The winning team(partners) and prize will be announced tomorrow morning along with the big BONUS gift for those that have participated in each days have till midnight eastern to catch up!!