What to expect

Trimesters 1,2,& 3

The 1st trimester

Mom: You're not going to be showing during this trimester. Expect to be very tired and sick. You will also have tender breasts and mood swings.

The baby: Your baby is about the size of a kidney bean. Earlobes, eyelids, mouth, and nose are starting to form. The arms and legs are just bumps right now.

The 2nd Trimester

Mom: Your nausea is going to start going away now! You're also going to start feeling your baby's movement. You might feel a little breathless doing different activities. Your bump is going to start showing now. Some good news is your emotions will be more easier to control now.

The baby: Your baby it going to have his/her heartbeat now! The genitalia are now formed so you can find out what your having. The limbs are now developed. The eyes can now see. All of the babies facial features are now formed.

The 3rd Trimester

Mom: According to http://parents.com, your stomach will continue to grow. You will also experience stomach pains and heartburn. You might develop varicose veins, a backache, and leaky breasts. You're almost done!

The baby: Your baby's cartilage is now turning into bone. The skin is now going to be opaque. The baby will start to develop poop. The brain is starting to grow faster. Your baby is almost done growing!

Advice for the Dads

Take care of all your wife's needs. Don't freak out when she starts screaming or crying out of nowhere, it's just her hormones going everywhere. Be careful what you say to her if you say the wrong thing then good luck. She needs you to be there for her more than ever.
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