Clothing Consumer Bill of Rights

Cael and Elijah

The Right to Service and The Right to be Heard

Customers come first in the marketplace. If they have an issue the sales person work with the customer and the company to resolve the issue. The ability to return products to the companies as well as letting them know about complaints that you may have are all part of service and the right to be heard. The Better Business Bureau is a governing body that monitors companies for good business practices.

The Right to Education and Information

Advertising, sales, and marketing slogans help people to make informed decisions about what clothing to buy. Clothing tags and disclaimers tell people how to care for items as well as possible dangers to them.

The Right to be Safe and to Choose Freely

If a person is injured by an article of clothing, for example, accidental strangulation from a hoodie string; they have the option to sue the company for the injury. Customers also have the right to choose between the products that they buy. They are not forced to buy a specific product by the companies. They are given multiple options for a specific item. For example, having several companies that make jeans. They come in varying prices and styles.