April 2016

Health and Wellbeing - How Long Hours and Lack of Sleep are Affecting Your Health

Long hours and lack of sleep are common in financial services and consulting but have you ever wondered what effect they are having on you and your organisation?

Some years ago, I was a junior navigator flying Nimrod Maritime Patrol Aircraft from RAF Kinloss in Scotland. After dinner one evening, at around 7:30pm, a senior officer rushed into the Officers’ Mess anteroom. He was clearly a little flustered and told me that another navigator had fallen ill and that I was going to have to replace him on an important flight the next day. “Get your head down now for a few hours and report for duty at midnight”....

In the first of my blogs on Fatigue at Work, I take a look at the impact on physical health.

Fatigue has been associated with a range of problems from obesity and diabetes to heart disease and cancer. People who habitually sleep for 6 hours or less per night have much higher incidence of disease than those who sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night, the effects include:

  • 50% higher incidence of death from cancer

  • 15% higher incidence of death by stroke

  • 12% more likely to die from all causes before the age of 65

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By Jason Eden


Thursday, April 28th, 6pm


Bring your cunning and your mind!

New Market - New Opportunities - One Capco; Big Win for Capco with HSBC Hong Kong

In early February, Lance announced that Capco had landed a multi year contract in APAC with HSBC within the GTC (Global Transformation Centre) function, further growing the Capco@HSBC Global Community! The deal team lead by Neil Ramachandran, fought off stiff competition again 15 other vendors, leading to Capco being the sole supplier. This deal shows how powerful the One Capco concept can be as this deal was forged by multiple teams across the globe collaborating to deliver this winning result. The following teams brought their specialist skills to make this deal possible:

  • The HSBC Global Account Team leveraged their existing Client relationships, built over many years of working closely together
  • The APAC Solution Team developed innovative proposals to meet the clients needs, giving us the edge over our competition
  • The Enterprise Sales Transactions team provided slick commercials and contracting advice
  • The Global Delivery team provided quality assurance over the entire deal
  • The Centralised Bid Management team helped to hang the deal team together as one, making sure that we operated as One Capco

Some Key Points:
What is it:?
HSBC will be preferred supplier for HBAP entity for Non IT specialists to implement strategic change

What roles are Capco going to provide?:
Capco will provide PMO, project management and business analysis capabilities for HSBC

How much is the deal worth?
The contract aims to provide over 300 FTEs to HSBC over a multi-year period, and is expected to generate over $20m in the first 2 years alone

What locations does it cover?:
The deal will provide resources across Hong Kong, India. Malaysia and potentially Poland

The Deal Team
The deal team included the below people:

  • NEIL RAMCHANDRAN – Opportunity Sales Lead
  • STUART BOYD – Bid Manager
  • MARCUS DA SILVA – Commercial and Financial Lead
  • RAJNISH DUBEY – Solution Architect and Delivery Lead
  • LYNN HUGHES & MONU AURORA – Global Delivery/QA
  • DIMITRIS STAIKOS & STEVE GARDNER – Enterprise Transactions Team Commercials
  • STEVE FORYTH & STUART CRAIK – Enterprise Transactions Team Contracting
  • MARK REEVES & CHRIS GELDARD – Account Leadership
  • EDITH CHOW – Bid Support

For more information, please reach out to your PM or the comms team and we will do our best to answer your questions!

The Capco@HSBC Organisational Chart

Do you want to get to know your colleagues better? Perhaps gain a better understanding of where everybody works and the projects they're involved with?

Click here to view the new organisational chart on the CiT HSBC Group page.

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Congratulations to Gail Inglis MBE

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Congratulations to Roland Inglis’ mother Gail, who was presented with an MBE for 'services to administration of justice and the community in Cumbria' by the Queen in early March. A huge congratulations to Mrs Inglis from all of the Capco@HSBC team.

A Special Congratulations to....

  • Adam and Charlotte (Mrs. Baker) on the birth of their new son Noah
  • Harren Suthanthirasothy, for his engagement to the future Mrs. Suthanthirasothy

And finally, a big warm welcome to the following new joiners...

Seamus Doherty, Joel Morrison, Stelios Papalakis, Rahul Nair, Avin Roche, Aditya Lolla and Andrew MacQueen.