Pinewood Weekly Newsletter

September 4, 2020

A Message From the Principal - The Importance of Daily Engagement and Participation

Dear Falcon Families,

As we operate in this distance learning model, I want to stress the importance of participation and attendance. As a California public school we must monitor daily engagement and participation. Along with the our regular live meetings, we are required to provide daily assignments and activities to account for an instructional day.

If your child is unable to attend a live meeting it is important that you communicate with your child's teacher. In addition, it is expected that each day your child is completing their assigned work, and regularly submitting it to the teacher so they can assess for understanding. It is necessary that you are collecting new assignments from campus each week. Most teachers have an expectation that your child is working each day for a specific amount of time on our online programs to develop skill mastery. If you have a private meeting with your teacher, please attend and arrive on time. Student participation in all these activities and events are being monitored by your teacher on a daily basis.

In the event that your child's teacher is unable to connect with you and attest that your child is engaged in their assigned studies, your student will be marked as "non-participation" or absent from school for that day. The following morning you will receive a call from our school office asking you to clear this day of non-participation. If you do receive this message, please take the time to call the school office to communicate why your child missed this particular day.

Above all, daily engagement in school during distance learning is important for academic success. We recognize this is a hardship for families and we will continue to work with you through the challenges that come your way and support you during these difficult times.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and we will resume on Tuesday.


Kim Little