What's the difference

History of HTML

Began in an unlikely place a European laboratory in Geneva Switzerland.Tim Berners-Lee

The inventor of the world wide web was working at CERN when he developed the concept for HTML.Tim's prototype browser on the NeXT computer was released in 1990


The first version to include cascading style sheets .Launched in April of 1998 HTML 4 ensures that designers have a greater ability to develop more complex web sites.


The fifth revision of HTML since the World Wide Web was released.It was developed to solve compatibility problems that affected the current HTML 4

The Difference Between HTML 4 vs HTML 5

The major difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5 is that HTML 5 provides a common interface that makes things easier to load while previous versions required Propriety plug-ins and API's

Why HTML 5 ?

Web developers wanted a easier way to code and make it more logical.The new version was released in 2008 and it's creator says it will never be complete.

New Elements

  • <details>
  • <aside>
  • <dialog>
  • etc

New Attributes

  • Auto-complete
  • Auto focus
  • Auto Form

In HTML 4 but not HTML5

  • center
  • font
  • frame
  • dir