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Sotheby's Institute of Art NY Library, December 2014, no. 10

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1. Winter Break Hours

Friday, December 19: 9am - 5pm

Saturday, December 20: CLOSED

Sunday, December 21: CLOSED

Monday, December 22: 9am - 5pm

The Library will be CLOSED - Tuesday, December 23 through Sunday, January 11.

Monday, January 12 through Sunday, January 25 the library will be open:

- Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Up-to-date Library hours are available on the Hours page on the Library website.

2. Why NO Food or Drink in the Library?

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The entire library collection is in a very (very!) small space. Crumbs and food refuse and wrappers in the rubbish bins can quickly and easily attract bugs and liquids including water can lead to mold. Both are very dangerous to our collection.

There is a big sign on the library door stating no food or drink are permitted. There are also signs throughout the reading room.

We do have a small exception to the rule:

  • Beverages? - Yes, you can bring coffee, tea, water, etc in the reading room - BUT - it MUST be in a completely sealed container. Take-away- and coffee machine-style cups with plastic snap on lids are not permitted in the library as they can leak and spill. If you turn it upside down or knock it off a table does any liquid come out? If your spill test results are completely dry then your beverage container is welcome in the library.
*NOTE: please conduct spill tests outside the library!

Food? - please eat all food outside the library. The lounge area on the other side of the floor is only a few steps away and is now open and available the same hours as the library.

Please help us keep the library collection safe and the reading room clean and conducive to study and keep all food and unsealed beverages out of the library.

3. Study Late @ NYU Bobst Library

NYU Bobst Library is one of the largest academic research libraries in the city and offers graduate level research collections in art and business.

Sotheby's Institute - New York MA and GC students have reader privileges at Bobst Library. What does this mean?

  • Bobst is a great study space option for students, with plenty of seating and quiet-study areas. Study late! Bobst is open until 1am.

The first time visiting Bobst will require you to stop at the Library Privileges Desk to receive an access sticker on your SIA ID card. Third semester students will need to pick up a letter from the Sotheby's Institute library for extended Bobst access beyond Oct 31. 2014.

More information on NYU Bobst Library access for Sotheby's Institute of Art - New York students.

4. Winter Break Hours & Loans

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Books and DVDs checked out after Dec 15 will be due January 30 - enjoy!

5. Return Library Books And Check Due Dates

Please return any library books you no longer need to the circulation desk at the library before break.

You can log into your library account to see a full list of books you have checked-out as well as any overdue items.

6. Stream movies on Kanopy

Browse our film database and stream movies to any device!

Kanopy is a strong and unique collection of streaming video covering a broad range of topics including art, business and humanities. Producers include BBC, PBS, Criterion Collection/Janus Films, Kino Lorber and First Run Features.

7. Faculty publications

Our latest faculty publications are featured in the main display case at SIA.

You can browse our faculty publications here, or search the catalog for "SIA-NY faculty publication"

New Exhibition Catalog, Curated by Kathleen Madden

8. Price Index and Market Detail Graphs and Charts has a new interface which features price index and market detail graphs. The Price Index chart allows you to compare two artists.

You can also view Chronological progression of an artists' market, geographic distribution (2000-2014) and Distribution by price segment (2000-2014).

9. How Do I ...

Set up Subject Alerts in Liberty

Want to know when the library receives new books or dvds on topics of particular interest to you?

View our video tutorial below on setting up alerts (1 min.)

Your interests are run regularly according to the frequency selected in your details. You will be notified by email of any new resources (books, dvds) that match.

For more online tutorials see the library website > Guides > Online Tutorials Series
How to Set up Subject Alerts in Liberty

10. New Contemporary Art Additions

11. Some Lighter Material for the Break

Just for fun ...

Thanks to Clarissa Santiago for the cartoon!
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