Malaysia Truly Asia

1 Malaysia

By Sean and Daniel


Malaysia is a hot and tropical country, the average temperature is more than 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit). There are 2 main seasons, the rainy season from may - sept. and the dry season from nov. - mar. It rains almost every day in Malaysia, so make sure you bring an umbrella!


The population in Malaysia is 26,160,256 (2010 result). So that means there is lot's of people near the main attractions and city centers.

Capital City

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has many attractions including Batu Caves, Twin Towers, The KL Tower and many more. There are also many markets and local shops all around KL. Many residents and neighborhoods are all around KL too. There is always something to do in KL.

System of Government

There is a royal family living in KL, but the royal family does not rule the country. The country is ruled by a prime minister and his parliament. There are many counsils for local areas and towns.


Malaysia Landforms

Malaysia is a peninsula. There are many small islands around it. Borneo is part of Malaysia. The longest river in this country is the Rajang River and the biggest mountain is Mount Kinabalu. For 1/2 of the peninsula there is mountain range. Malaysia is 127,317 square miles.

Crops and Agriculture

Rubber is an important industry in malaysia, malaysians use it for car wheels, and sell it for money. East Malaysia is dependent on hunting, fishing and farming. Rice is an important food source, Malaysians eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many tropical fruits like bananas, durian, mango, starfruit and many more grow in Malaysia.

Natural Resources

Tin was once a resource commonly found but now tin miners do not work any more because theres not much tin left. Oil can sometimes be found on the boarders of Malaysia as well.