Population Growth Around the World

By: Laasya Teeparthi

In the text below talks about population growth around the world.
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Population has been growing quickly over the past few years. This is a good and bad improvement to our world. While we can share new technology with others, but we still have to face problems like hunger and thirst. So when we come to the bottom of this, we realize that population growth is a global issue.

The definition of population growth is the increase of people.

One example is the United States of America. People have been coming here for many different reasons. This is an issue because we need more food and water, and this makes greenhouse gases when adults drive. We need to be careful and use other vehicles like bicycles, which also gives us more leg power. We can also use buses or carpool with others. This will reduce the greenhouse gasses in the air.

Another example is human migration. This is not just about the United States of America, it's all around the world! People move for here to there, it's crazy! There is nothing we can do about this. People get jobs; get home sick; etc. The best thing we can do is find more ways to share the area.

The big problem this is creating is that we have global warming. Global warming is the increase of over all temperature on the atmosphere earth. This usually because of greenhouses gasses, carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.

Global warming is happening rapidly. If we don't do something soon our world will get destroyed! We have to take actions and stop this horrible monster from eliminating us all! I suggest that we don't use cars as much and carpool as often.(This goes back to my point earlier).

I don't want our world to get wreaked and I hope that you feel the same way.

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All Living Things Dead

Our population has been growing quickly and I think that it will die just as quick.

What I think is that because of our large number of people we use a lot of lumber. When we cut down trees, we have less oxygen for our selves. Because of that our population will drop rapidly.

We need to plant more trees and stop cutting down trees. This will help us, but it will make less room for humanity.

Earth Day

April 12

Earth Day is a day were we work hard to help our Earth. Some people just work hard on Earth Day and not the 364 days of the year. We need help our planet each and EVERY day. I don't want to live in a polluted; barely any clean air world.