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  • Changing the educational paradigm to move education into the 21st Century
  • Creating a system that treats every kid as an individual with value
  • Treating all students with dignity as they pursue their education
  • Strengthening our school, society & nation by helping each student find his or her place within each

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My name is Rick Ruhl and I teach U.S. History at the High School. For years now I have been researching new educational paradigms and reform movements in an attempt to find a method of educating every student. Every year as I watch students come through the traditional system I become more discouraged as I see them beat up because they do NOT fit into our system. But this is the 21st Century! We have the capabilities now to make the system fit each and every learner, as opposed to using a cookie-cutter to mass produce students after our own system! I strongly believe that this cookie-cutter system destroys too many of our young people! They are individuals with different talents, abilities, hopes and dreams, but we don't seem to care about that, or I should say, we have NOT had the ability to fix the system. But we are no longer in that position! Technology, with a new paradigm, can allow us to meet every student where they are and help them find their unique place within society. This will not only have a massive impact on each student, the education system, but should also transform society into a much healthier, more focused and fulfilled group of individuals--people who not only have maximized their individual potential but have found how and where they fit in.

This is just part of my dream... hopes... & desire! I don't have all the answers and probably don't even know all the questions. But what I do know is I need YOU! I need your ideas, dreams, plans! Together we can create a new paradigm in which truly EVERY CHILD does learn and succeed! Every Child finds out what his/her dreams are and is able to reach them!



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