Snow Leopard

Morgan Rank Period 1 May 16, 2016

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"The Snow Leopard lives in cold regions of Central Asia". They spend the summer in Tibet, and the winters in dark valleys. They also live in the rocky mountains and in grassy places. They are found at heights from 3,000 to 4,500 m. They mostly live in cold places, and there they can blend in because of their fur. They live alone, but the females hunt with the males. They prefer places with a lot of forest and rocky areas. They also like to be up on higher places. Snow Leopards live in many different places. but mainly live in Central Asia.

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The Snow leopard is up from morning to night. When it hunts, it stalks its prey. Then once it is close to it, it jumps on it and kills it. It can jump up to 45 ft.

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Body Covering

Snow Leopards have very thick, smoky, gray fur with brown spots on top of it. It has white under parts, but it has black spots on its head, neck, limbs, flanks, back and its tail. It also has a long and furry tail that is gray too. It has a developed chest with a long body and legs and their ears are small and are mostly black. It's tail is 3 feet and its paws have lots of fur.

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Snow Leopards eat ibex, which is a wild goat, rodents, and livestock. "It also eats mountain animals such as deer, pikas and marmots." (Morris, pg. 43). They can eat animals 3 times there size during night time. During mating season, Snow Leopards do not eat animals, they eat plants.


They have 2 to 3 cubs at a time. Female Leopards are pregnant for 98 to 104 days straight. Cubs are born in rocky places and are blind for the first couple days of their lives. Cubs are also mainly born in the Spring. They reproduce at the end of Winter and beginning of Spring.

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" It's much coveted coat grows up to 3 inches thick and has dense, woolly under layer to protect the leopard from the bitterly cold weather it's mountain home." (Morris, pg. 34)

Its fur is camouflage against rocks and snow, so they blend in and can hide from there prey. Snow Leopards live alone and females and males hunt together.

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Other Info

Snow Leopards are the most attractive kind of cat. They can jump as high as 20 ft. "An estimated 3,500-7,000 left in the wild and approximately 600-700 in zoos around the world."(Snow Leopards) Babies only stay with their Moms for 2 years and then they live on their own. Snow Leopards are not like other cats, they do not purr, but they do growl and hiss.

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