Traveling Through Africa

Sara Jana T4 5/2/16

Victoria Falls

Officially made public in 1989, the Victoria Falls are one of the 7 official Natural Wonders of the World. Located in Zambia, in Southeastern Africa, it's a system of enormous pouring waterfalls, 355 feet tall and spanning across 1,708 meters. All in all, it's an iconic part of African tourism and natural preservation.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

The Sphinx, a 74-meter-long limestone statue, was built by the ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom between 2558-2532 BC. It lays on the west bank of the Nile River. It's also the world's largest monolith, and gets millions of visitors a year from all over the world, showing how important the structure is.

Serengeti National Park

Located in Tanzania, it holds 1,750,000 wildebeest and zebra, along with a large variety of different wildlife, including the Nile crocodile. It was officially established in 1951 and has since them become a popular tourist destination, along with helping preserve Africa's diverse wildlife.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Also in Tanzania, this dormant volcano stands 19,341 feet tall. It is a major climbing destination and over 35,000 people attempt to climb a year. Kilimanjaro is the representative summit of Africa, therefore making it one of the Seven Summits of the world. It is easily one of the most iconic peaks in the world.