The Formative Assessment Process

Developing & Implementing to Increase Student Achievement

What is it?

This professional development series is derived from and supports the Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME) project which commenced in the 2008-09 school year.

It is designed to train K-12 teachers on how to embed a researched-based and proven formative-assessment process into their daily practice.

During this three-day series teachers will build capacity and a clear understanding of what it means to transform instruction to achieve increased student performance.

What will teachers learn?

The components of a formative-assessment process which include:

  • unpacking standards, identifying learning targets and determining criteria for success
  • effective use of student evidence
  • application of formative-assessment strategies
  • selection and use of appropriate formative-assessment tools
  • effective feedback

How to develop and implement the formative assessment process in their daily practice.

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Registration Information

Click here to register by Friday, October 10.

A total of 18 SCECHs can be earned by participating in the series. Each session of 6 SCECHs will be submitted to MDE free of charge.

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