Scavenger Hunt

Danville Public Schools Certified Staff


You're a detective, and you've been charged with completing ten tasks over the course of the next three days. They may be completed in any order you like. It's up to you to decide how to complete them, and the onus of proof, too, lies with you. Once you complete a task, see Randy Isely, Tara Sanders, or Jenni Phomsithi to verify a successful completion and receive a visual badge of distinction. All detectives who successfully complete and submit all ten tasks by noon (and not a minute later) on Wednesday will be placed in a drawing for one of two $100 gift cards. There will be a staff meeting at 12:30 in the cafeteria on Wednesday, and the winners of the gift cards will be drawn at that meeting.



  1. Meet the superintendent.
  2. Identify one new parental involvement strategy you will employ this school year.
  3. KINDERGARTEN: Create data wall cards for incoming students. GRADES ONE THROUGH FIVE: Become familiar with your student via the data wall. SECONDARY: Get one class enrolled in Moodle and resources set up for the first unit.
  4. Develop and publish your web page profile.
  5. Log in to Moodle.
  6. Watch the blended learning video on the front page of Moodle, and then list three things you can do this semester to implement blended learning.
  7. Make a new employee feel welcome.
  8. Make a QR code. (Hint:
  9. Create a Common Core State Standards performance task.
  10. Identify two things you can do in your position to aid in reaching the goals of the five-year strategic plan.