Fortner Nation Team Recognition

January 2015

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Hello February!

Please join us for our February local nation meeting!! We will have an incredible lineup. This will be an incredible GUEST event!! Those of you who are local, pack your cars!! Those of you not local, fill your family room with your team/prospects to hear more about what is possible with Arbonne!! We will be streaming this even live at

Wednesday, February 3rd at 7pm MST (doors open at 6:30pm)
The Canton Courtyard Marriott
4375 Metro Circle
Canton, OH
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Team Promotions & Qualifications

New District Manager

Molly Kirby sponsored by Leah Baker

District Manager in Qualification

Amanda Shafer

Angela Potts

Audrey Blisko

Belinda Briggs

Darlene Weber

David Graham
Constance Brown
Jodi Stephenson
Claudette Sanders
Traci Blazosky

Denise Kaloczi

Erin Taylor

Janice Hare

Jen Prosser

Jess Muniz

Joy Ellis

Kate Gingerich

Kayla Vezina

Kim Curtis

Rachel Lewis

Sarah Wilkins

Serena Ahne

Sharon Butina

Shea Duckworth

Stephanie Mueller

Takeeyia Fowlkes

Tere Zerfa

Tricia McQuowan

Area Manager in Qualification

Jamie Duran

Rae Showen

Almost 1/2 Way to Region!

Jodie Acey
Kara Raybuck
Lauren Reynolds

Faith Rodriguez

Bobbi Sibila

Bonus Earners

District Manager Bonus

Bobbi Sibila

Brittany Welsh

Cyndee Guerin

Laura Lindbergh
Leah Baker

Lisa Marshall

Maria Shatrich

Shannon Gligora

Area Manager Bonus

Lisa Marshall

RVP Bonus

Jennifer Fair

Trifecta Bonus

AIT 2015 Cruise

Level One

Andrea Dykast

Casey Painter

Cathy Preusser

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Parsons

Katherine Hasson

Kathy Nolan

Laura Lindner

Leah Baker

Lisa Vogel

Megan Girt

Rae Showen

Rayelle Price

Sarah Netro

Sarah Subrick

Level Two

Cyndee Guerin

Kara Raybuck

Lauren Coursey

Lisa Marshall

Lizzi Hyder

Sarah Rodriguez

Tara Joyce

Tijana Coso

Level Three

Jennifer Fair

Level Four

Laura Fortner

Top Sales & Sponsoring

Region Sales & Sponsoring

Sales: Jennifer Fair $68,566

Sponsoring: Jennifer Fair 55

Area Sales & Sponsoring

Sales: Laura Fortner $28,296

Sponsoring: Tijana Coso 21

District Sales & Sponsoring

Top 10 Districts:

Tijana Coso $12,756

Laura Fortner $12,123

Lisa Marshall $10,483

Suzanne Morgan $10,185

Bobbi Dennison $9,555

Cyndee Guerin $9,055

Shannon Gligora $8,238

Sadie Billiter $8,031

Laura Lindner $7,540

Leah Baker $7,491


Tijana Coso 16

Top Personal Sponsoring

Rae Showen 9

Super 6

Shannon Gligora

Tijana Coso

Rachel Lewis

Kate Gingerich

Bobbi Sibila

Amanda Paulus

Elite 8

Brittany Welsh

Rae Showen

2015 Vancouver Challenge!!

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