News from Room 40

Week of 10/17 - 10/21

News at a Glance

  • Our Fall Celebration Party will be Friday, 10/28 from 1:45-2:15.
  • Red Ribbon week is next week with a dress-up day each day.
  • If you signed up to send a snack in with your child, please send it by Friday

Red Ribbon Week

Week of 10/24 -10/28

During the week of October 24-28, Palmyra Area Elementary Schools will be participating in Red Ribbon Week. The Red Ribbon campaign is a drug prevention program that unites people and communities to take a visible stand against drugs. Our students and staff will be participating in a few activities throughout the week. Please see a list of the activities below:

Monday, October 24th - Wear red, white and blue

“I elect to be drug free” day. Students and staff are invited to wear red, white, and blue and to sign a drug free pledge.

Tuesday, October 25th – Wear animal print

“Wild about being drug free”. Students and staff are invited to wear animal print clothing.

Wednesday, October 26th - Wear tie dye

“Don’t get tied down by drugs”. Students and staff are invited to wear tie dye.

Thursday, October 27th- Wear sports team gear or colors

Team up against drugs ” day. Students and staff are invited to wear their favorite team’s gear or colors.

Friday, October 28th – Wear jeans

“I’m a ‘Jean’-ius’. I’m Drug Free” Day. Students and staff are invited to wear jeans or dress for any classroom activity.

What we're learning this week

Journey's: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

This cycle, we'll discuss how movies are a form of communication. We're going to read the information text, Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies, about the methods film makers use to express ideas and influence an audience. We'll also read How Do They Do That?, an informational text about the use of special effects in movies.

Spelling (vowel sounds, o): bloom, cookbook, tool, shampoo, put, wool, stool, proof, prove, group, brook, foolish, bush, crooked, booth, raccoon, hook, groom, roof, soup

Vocabulary: entertaining, critics, promote, target, focus, thrilling, advertise, angles, jolts, generated

Grammar: Verb tenses

Vocabulary Strategies: Greek and Latin word parts: phon, photo, graph, auto, tele

Journey's: Thursday and Friday

Next cycle, we'll explore the question: "How does what an artist experiences affect his or her art?" In the realistic fiction selection, Me and Uncle Romie, students will read about the collage artist Romie Bearden.

Vocab: glorious, studio, concerned, model, smeared, ruined, yanked, streak, schedule, freast

Vocab strategy: figurative language

comprehension skill: understand characters - use details to tell more about characters

Comprehension strategy: visualize - use text details to form pictures in your mind of what you are reading

Writing focus: Informative writing - book report

Spelling words (ou vs o): aloud, bald, hawk, south, faucet, proud, claw, tower, stalk, couple, howl, false, dawn, allow, drown, pause, fault, cause, amount, cloudier

What can I do at home?

  • Give your child a practice spelling test
  • Ask your child to use the vocabulary words in a sentence or explain their meaning
  • Ask your child to summarize the story we are reading. Who is Romie? What kind of story is it you're reading? What happened in the beginning, middle and end?


Addition and Subtraction: Students will begin thinking algebraically to solve addition and subtraction problems by focusing on a part + part = whole and therefore a whole - part = part.

Reflex Math:

Many students were moved to multiplication and division this week on Reflex. Feel free to practice facts at home! You can download the app or use the computer.

Login: Mrsleblanc4

Password: Lunch pin

Fluency Quizzes:

Students receive flashcard facts for the cycle in their take home folder. They are printed on colored paper so they can use them at home for practice. Each week's quiz is cumulative. This cycle, we will have 0-7 multiplication facts. They have 3 minutes to complete 50 questions. Please continue to study your facts at home!

Fall Celebration Party

Friday, Oct. 28th, 2:45pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

RSVPs are enabled for this event.