Scientific Management of MSW

An engineering perspective to our garbage mess

The scientific perspective

All of us have a solution when it comes to managing our waste but, how much do we actually know? Did it ever occur to us that waste management is not an emotional or ideological issue but an engineering issue? If managing waste was as simple as decomposing wet waste and recycling dry waste, why are there engineered technologies worldwide?

It is time for us to evolve our solution to better manage our "evolved" waste.

Let us come together to re-evaluate our actions and understand waste management from a scientific and technological perspective.

Workshop to understand end disposal mechanism

Sunday, Sep. 21st, 10am-12:30pm

2nd Temple St

Bengaluru, KA

2nd floor, Jagannath Bhavan, 13th cross, 2nd Temple street, Near Kadu Malleshwara temple, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Breakfast and Lunch will be served

Speaker - Vishwas Vidyaranya

Vishwas Vidyaranya, is one of the few people in Bangalore who has worked hands-on on various end disposal solutions. As part of Infosys Green Initiative Team, Vishwas has set up and successfully managed waste treatment systems with a total capacity of around 5000 TPA (ton per annum) across India. He has been involved with various R&D projects on Anaerobic Digestion, Microbial Fuel Cells, Pyrolysis, Recycling and Sludge Treatment.

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Who can attend?

This workshop is designed for anyone working on Waste Management and wants to understand scientific end disposal solutions. People operating decentralized waste treatment systems, students and enthusiasts will be benefited by the session.

Workshop Content

The workshop is an introduction to Biological Treatment of waste and focuses on the engineering of the treatment plant designs. It will also give an overview of the parameters that needs to monitored regularly for operating organic treatment systems. These are the topics that will be covered in the workshop:

1. Aerobic Composting of organic waste

2. Anaerobic Digestion of organic waste

3. Sludge treatment using Solar Greenhouse

4. Biofilter for Odor removal

5. Introduction to Mechanical biological treatment(MBT) for mixed waste

6. Q&A

We are: The Forward Foundation

We are a team that has been working on Waste Management in Bengaluru. We work with the system to help the system. If you are keen on understanding end disposal mechanisms from a technical expert, this workshop is for you.