Beech Class

Week of February 9

Have a great winter break!

We will see you on Wednesday, February 24th!


Rasha and Madeleine

Family Study

We are now in the fifth week of our family study. This week, students talked about how we can learn even more about each others' families. Many students thought it would be a good idea to interview their classmates. We started family interviews this week!

Both Nadia and Nami shared their family portraits and five of the photos that they took at home. While Nadia and Nami shared about their families, other students took notes. Then students had an opportunity to ask interview questions. At the end of the share, students reviewed their notes and wrote one sentence about something important they learned about their classmate's family. With those sentences, we made two new class books--one about Nadia's family and one about Nami's family.

In the coming weeks, all students will have a chance to share about their families.

nadia's family share

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Nami's family share

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Notes from Nami's family interview

sample pages from Nami's family book

We also read When I Am Old with You and One of Three by Angela Johnson and The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant.

Community Meeting

This week we had an important community meeting about what you do when you find something special that is not yours. We reread the book Jamaica's Find by Juanita Havill and came up with the following list.
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Our writing work this week was integrated with exploration time. After exploration time, students drew and wrote about what they did. We saw careful illustrations of structures and activities, as well as lots of labels and carefully drafted sentences.
At home: Keep asking students to tell you stories about their day and important events in their lives. After break, we will start a writing unit on memory stories. This will be a time for students to write about important family memories.


In math this week, we learned how to play a game called Empty Bag. First, partners checked that they had 20 counters in their bag. Then partners took turns rolling a die and removing that number of pieces from their bag. While playing, children kept track of how many rolls it took to empty their bag during each game. The number of rolls recorded for each game were recorded on a class graph.

Word Study

During word study this week, we reviewed all of the sounds and motions that we've learned this year. The students recorded footage for a Sounds in Motion movie! Check it out down below!

At home: Ask your child to share some of the letter sounds and motions that we already learned. Here is the list: T, C, K, D, G, S, F, L, M, J, H and A.

COMING UP!...and reminders

  • Monday, 2/15 to Tuesday, 2/23 - February Break
  • Friday, 2/26 @ 2:15PM - February Birthday Celebration!
  • 3/1 - Performance of Caps for Sale at the New Victory Theater
  • 4/11 - Field trip to the Battery Urban Farm

  • Please remember to send in clothing that matches the weather. With the snow, we recommend boots, snow pants, hats, and gloves/mittens.
  • Please also make sure your child has an extra set of clothing, just in case they get wet during the day.
Sounds in Motion