The Bronco Buzz

May 13, 2016

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Upcoming Events at the Forks

  • Monday, May 16- Biology EOC
  • Monday, May 16- 6th Grade Awards Night- 6:00-7:30pm- Grace Fellowship Church (Teachers and staff arrive no later than 5:30pm)
  • Tuesday, May 17- Physical Science EOC
  • Tuesday, May 17- 7th Grade Awards Night- 6:00-8:00pm- Grace Fellowship Church (Teachers and staff arrive no later than 5:30pm)
  • Wednesday, May 18- Physical Science EOC
  • Wednesday, May 18- 6th Grade Bronco Day
  • Thursday, May 19- Physical Science EOC
  • Thursday, May 19- Weekly PLC
  • Thursday, May 19-Bronco Store- 11:30am-1:30pm
  • Thursday, May 19- 8th Grade Awards Night- 6:00-8:00pm- Grace Fellowship Church (Teachers and staff arrive no later than 5:30pm)
  • Friday, May 20- 7th Grade Bronco Day
TIP- Remember that the Staff Calendar can be accessed on the FFMS Training Page in eCLASS. Click the button below to access the Staff Calendar now.

Wins for the Week!!

  • Our fantastic PTSA continues to support us at high levels in helping us develop our technology capability to enhance teaching and learning here at Five Forks Middle School. At the Executive Board meeting this past Monday evening, Mrs. Douthart was given a check for $4500 to spend on Technology and Media Services! Over the course of this year, our wonderful PTSA has given back to Five Forks...a total of $13,355.82--not to mention the countless hours of volunteering their time and talent. We are so blessed to have such awesome parents and community members helping our school--our staff--and most importantly--our STUDENTS! Thank you, PTSA.
  • The 7th and 8th grade Orchestras did a phenomenal job! Parents were in absolute awe of how far the students have come under the direction of Alaina Morris. The 7th grade was a Pajama Concert and we got to "get down" with the Chicken Dance. I sure hope there is no video out there!

  • A HUGE shout out to Zac Cogdill and Chelsea Green for their amazing evening under the stars...even if it felt like was a beautiful evening to celebrate the wonderful talent of our awesome students!

  • We had a great time celebrating Suzanne Elder's retirement this week. Congratulations on the seeds you have sewn...the lives you have touched...and the next leg of your marvelous journey!

  • Our Relay for Life team met their goal raising more than $5000 for Cancer Research. Come out and celebrate tonight at the Gwinnett County Fair Grounds!

Count Me In Award... Liz Sewell

Liz Sewell is a rare and special person who always gives and gives.
To her it's nothing special, just how she chooses to live.
Never too busy, no matter what the task;
Seems to think of everything before you even ask;
Quite special, rare and kind never to an end;
Thankful to work with her and to call her a friend.

One will never know the work behind the scenes because of all the marvelous, wonderful, thoughtful, considerate things she does every day!

Tech News

Preparing for Summer.. Things to Consider!

Teachers and Staff--

As we move to the summer months (WOO HOO), it is important to take a minute to clean out your digital files. Your H Drive does have a storage limit and needs to be cleaned out periodically. Remember that your Google Drive storage is unlimited, therefore you are welcome to upload any of your files, videos, and images to your Google Apps for Education Account.

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Did you know that Mrs. Brown has started a Blog? Check out what is happening in our very own FFMS Media Center!

Did You Know?!

  • Since 1950, Oscar winners cannot officially sell their statuette without first offering it back to the Academy for a dollar.

Happy Birthday!!!!


11- Liz Sewell

12- Steven Abbott

26- Allyson Jones

28- Onika St. James

29- Rachel Mickle

30- Sarah Erickson