Minnesota the new Settlement!

Live a new Life!

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Reasons to come!

Dear Family. A reason you would want to come here is our land and territory will be more than you and your family would expect. Are you tired of dreadful conditions? Move to Minnesota where the climate is superb. The neighbors and schools are tremendous.

Reasons to immigrate!

A reason to immigrate is "more than twenty million acres of land that are open for settlement." "Another reason to immigrate is Minnesota is a country of great fertility." A third reason to immigrate is "A girl, if she behaves herself she can make a good marriage." One thing is that "Minnesota is very large." My last reason is that "there is a big difference, especially for women."

Facts about Minnesota

"In 1855 European Americans were in the Majority." Another fact is "St.Paul was hardly even a town in 1847." One last fact about Minnesota is "Steamboats started making regular stops at St.Paul."