Driving to Miami


First stop

I was coming from Lubbock to Fortworth. I stopped at the gas station to get gas and snacks.
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Second stop

My second stop was from fort worth to Dallas.There were many lights.I spent the night,I checked in to my hotel.I looked out my window at the scenery.

Third stop

I woke up and went from Dallas to Shreveport.I stopped there for lunch and then after kept going.
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Fourth and Fifth stop

I went from Shreveport to Jackson.I had food at a restaurant and then I went to a gas station on the way to use the bathroom.

Sixth stop

My sixth stop is from Jackson to mobile.I went to a gas station and got some snacks and drinks.

Seventh stop

My seventh stop is from mobile to Tallahassee.I went to take pictures.

Eighth stop

My eighth stop was at a gift shop.I got a key chain with a panther on it.

Ninth and Tenth stop

My ninth stop was at Miami cause I was here.I went to my hotel.Then I went to eat.

I'm here

I finally got here.It took a while but it. Was worth it,definitely.