BC Learning Update

11/21 - 12/9/16

Upcoming Events around the District:

  • 11/21/2016 -- 1:00 Dismiss
    • K-6 Conferences
      • 2-7:30 p.m.
    • MS/HS Media Center

      1:30 p.m. Rigorous Reading Jigsaw (Chapters 3 & 4)

      • Chapter 3 (1:30 - 1:42)

      • Chapter 4 (1:43 - 1:55)

      • Book Study Reflections w/in CL/DT

      2:15 - 3:30 p.m.

      CL/DT --

      • Final Course Proposals 2017-18

      • Data Team process

Resources for All:

Defined Stem -- a resource shared with us previously -- but may be something we might connect with in a different way after hearing Buddy Berry and Robert Dillion.

Phil Eastman helped share Growthmindset two years ago during a morning meeting and we have continued to learn about how having a "growth mindset" and fostering the same in our students has a powerful influence on learning. Jo Boaler shares some great information about how our brains work in learning with this TedTalk. At the 10 minute mark into the video her team highlights how they help students "rethink" their abilities.

Mt. Mercy University Graduate Cohort information linked here (Page 1 & Page 2).

There will also be a very brief survey sent to staff from Mt. Mercy to help determine if it is a viable option for Mt. Mercy to host a cohort program w/in Benton Community School District. We would need to have at least 10 people be willing to commit in order for classes to be offered within the District. If you'd like more information please contact: Dawn Behan, Education Graduate Program Director (dbehan@mtmercy.edu or 363-1323 ext. 1217). She can also help you if you want to have a transcript review. I do have a few extra handouts that were shared on Tuesday afternoon -- so if you want those, please let me know:)

Info sent to us by Andrea Compton GWAEA Lit Consultant

Do your students need fluency practice? Have you heard your students struggling to get through a paragraph of text? Do they hesitate over basic math facts? If so, they may benefit from fluency practice.

Check out these Achieve the Core articles and resources that will help you understand what fluency is and how you can help your students become fluent readers and mathematicians.

  • Reading Fluency blog series -- Introduces the elements of reading fluency, strategies to build fluent readers, and how to assess fluency to determine interventions
  • Fluency Packets -- Collections of short reading passages to help students in grades 2-12 practice reading fluency
  • Using Flashcards in Math -- Standards co-author Jason Zimba explains how to use flashcards to practice mathematical fluency
  • Mini-Assessments -- Opportunities, such as this one for grade 8 and this one for grade 2, for students to demonstrate mathematical fluency