Wait till Helen Comes

2nd Quarter Book Project By Lily Welch

"Wait till Helen Comes" is a great ghost story. It may be a very spooky ghost story, has many great life lessons. I liked this book very much and I recommend for you to publish it. Here are some features from the book...


Molly: a 12 year old girl that is always watching out for her family. Even though she is very annoyed by Heather, she know what is right and risks her life to save her sister.

Michael: a 10 year old boy who isn't afraid of anything. He is very adventures and loves going deep into the woods. He thinks all of the ghost nonsense is crazy, well, until Helen comes.

Heather: Molly and Michael's younger stepsister that is always finding a way to get then in trouble. She is always complaining to her dad that Molly and Michael did something wrong when it was all her fault. She never had many friends, until she meet Helen.

Mom: Molly and Michael's mother.

Dave: Heather's dad that believes every lie that Heather tells him which caused him not to like Molly and Michael.

Helen: A ghost that is about the same age of Heather. She died in a fire beside her mom and dad. She is Heather's new best friend.


The setting is in a old church in the country, near a town named Howell, Maryland. The church is surrounded by tall trees, corn fields, and a graveyard. There is also a creek near the church that leads to a pond (The Harper Pond) . By the pond in a house. A burned house with blacks walls that are struggling to stand.


The book starts out as two families becoming one, but it is not good. Molly and Michael’s mom is getting married to a guy with a daughter named Heather. Molly and Michael do not like Heather. She is always whining and blaming them for every little thing. When Molly and Michael’s mom breaks the news that they will be moving with Heather and Dave, tensions rise.

A few days after they get settled into their new house (which is actually a church), the kids discover a grave yard. While they were exploring, one gravestone stood out to them. Molly, Michael, and Heather looked at it closer to see the initials H.E.H, which is Heather’s initials. After doing more research, they found out the girl that died was Heather’s aged and died in a fire, just like Heather's mom did. They were all a little spooked.

One day, Molly discovered that Heather was talking to someone. She looked around the corner to see a ghost. It was Helen. Heather and Helen became each other’s new best friend. Every day, they would meet under the tree and talk for hours. Molly knew something bad was going to happen.

One night, Molly woke up and discovered Heather wasn't in her bed. She ran outside and saw Heather and Helen walking into the pond. Heather seemed happy because Helen said that soon, they will be together forever. Molly ran into the lake and fought for Heather the hardest she had ever fought before . Finally, Helen gave up and left forever. Heather was mad at Molly for taking away her best friend, but soon realized what Helen was trying to do. Now, Molly and Heather weren't just sisters, but best friends.


Heather meets a ghost named Helen. They are the same age and become best friends. Heather is always telling Helen about how mean Michael and Molly are to her. Every time they do anything Heather doesn't like, she says that Helen is coming for them. Molly tries to tell Heather that she is in A LOT of danger, but she won't listen


One of the themes is that you should always try to protect and stick up for your siblings or other relatives because they are your family. Even though Molly doesn't like Heather, she jumped into the freezing pond so she save her sister from drowning.
I hope this book sounds as interesting to you as it was to me. I know the kids will love to read this. So, if you enjoyed these features of the book, please publish it so everyone can read this wonderful story.