The best place in the world to travel is Hawaii. Hawaii is amazing for its food ,resorts and the scenery.Another reason is that a famous Hollywood star lives there. So what I'm saying is is that why it’s such a good place for a vacation you should go there.

The food is also good here is a list of the good food that they have there.

1)They're fantastic Seafood like lobsters and crabs

2)And they're fantastic fruit like pineapple

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The resorts are good because you can go to Fantastic water parks and beaches and see also amazing sight. You might see Fire Dance. The fire dances are amazing> You get to see people twirl around sticks that are on fire and you get to see stingrays, turtles sharks fish alligators and lots of coconuts.

And the smoothie they are good and cold and the scenery it is nice and hawaii is a good vacation spot. by Alex.C