My dream to become a DJ

and, how i did to get there

All about the music

My love for music come from my father, he is the one who teach me how to play guitar. Give me all the little advice to being a good guitarist. But after i came to America for study, i know a lot more types of music, learn how to produce, and mix music from my friend. Then i just love it.

Mixing with the sound of guitar, Why not ?

I do add my guitar sound to some of my mix, but sometimes it seem like, doesn't work at all. Anyway, it's just the beginning, who know ?
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Sasha, the old guy that i want to be

Im really like this DJ, most of my mix idea come from how he make up his music and beats
Sasha Essential Mix at Warehouse Project - 1 Hour Set!

My dream and how i deal with it

When i want to be Dj i have to deal with a lot of things come from my parents, they really dont want me to be Dj, they worry about my grade at school, my personality going to be bad, and a lot more thing i couldn't understand. Sometimes my neighbors come in and complain to my parents how noisy i was.

How i reaction with that