Basic experience with music


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Principles of compulsory subjects of primary school

Federal Law Gazette Move to Music Basic experience with music and movement Learn exercises and raising awareness of tempo (slow fast), tone duration (short, long, pause), volume (loud quiet, loud quieter) Feel of tension and relaxation For example, a petrified figure, a melting snowman his Free online tamil fm live movements to music individually and in various groupings (on the point in space) For example, a robot representing a rubber man; Movements in queue to third Motion design and scenic Representation For example, verses and rhymes, impromptu games, fairy tales; Pictures scenic and musical embellish (in conjunction with the subjects German, Reading, Writing, Physical Education and Education) Children's online tamil radio Dance play and dance songs, dances and simple folk dances Children Lightened in shape Basic Level II To sing Songs from the daily, annual and Circle of life of children; regional Folk songs; Songs from other countries.

Canon and polyphonic songs Different types of elaboration song, songs by Make additional voices polyphonic (ex voice or instrument of the teacher, find Lower voices, their own online tamil fm live recordings as playback); Breathing and function exercises Even fictional song's melody invention to a personalized text, inventing Another texts on predefined tunes Language arrangements example inventing fantasy languages, dialogues Sound experiments with speech and Voice Games with the expressive possibilities of the human Voice (ex, angry, surprised, funny, sad) Music Rhythmic and melodic accompaniment parts to songs and spoken Texts Rhythmic, musical accents to certain Points (passages emphasize pauses fill) Drone (ex bagpipe Quint), simple steps consequences; Preliminary, intermediate and aftermath Curriculum of the elementary school, Part VII, educational and teaching online tamil fm live tasks, as well as subject matter and didactic principles of compulsory subjects of Primary school and the, Elementary Schoolmusic education, state.

Federal Law Gazette Melodies, rhythms and simple Shape profiles Melodies, rhythms and shifting shapes capture, record and play Notations individually for simple notation and music together Compare, evaluate and organize sound experiments sound results (Sound recordings); Sounds and noises to online tamil fm live Insert embodiment of mood images and texts (ex storms, Disputation) Hear Short Clips with musical instruments, with speech and voice Individually, one behind the other and at the same time sounding instruments designate and distinguish, and voices; Exercises for online tamil radio distinguishing volume, tone duration, Tempo, pitch and timbre and their Change; exemplary information for sound production.

Listening exercises for recognizing a simple shape curves (Repetition, sequence, recurrence) Short Clips of various types music, sounds and noises Describe and compare Subjective auditory online tamil fm live information, in Graphic and artistic design or in motion implement (in conjunction with the teaching subjects Art Education, writing and Movement and sport) Examples of music to different Events Clips assign functional areas (ex economics, Church, dance, concert, theater and film music) Short, self-contained work outs known composers At most, some information online tamil radio about the composer and its time to better understanding of the work contribute Move to the music.

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Hosanna - full song 1st on youtube :) - See description