The Crusades

Tyler & Noelle

What? Why? Who? Where? When?

The Crusades are a medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

The crusades were fought between the Christians and Muslims over the holy land.

The word "Crusade" is related to the word "Cross", and means a Christian holy war.

There were nine crusades, but the most important happened between the 11th and 13th centuries.

First: (1095-1099)

Second: (1147-1149)

  • Starts when Europeans lose control of Edessa to the Muslims
  • Led by King Louis VII of France and King Conrad III of Germany
  • Was a failure for the Europeans

Third: (1189-1192)

  • A response to Jerusalem's fall in 1187

Fourth: (1201-1204)

  • Byzantines capital, Constantinople

Fifth: (1217-1221)

  • Conquest of Damietta
Sixth: (1228-29)

Seventh: (1248-50)

  • Led by St. Louis

These were the seven major crusades out of the nine total.