Interview with Officer Reim!

What's it like being an awesome cop?

What made you become a cop?

Officer Reim said that during high school, she took a class called "Criminal Justice" and other classes too. When she was taking that class, she noticed how she thought it was a really great class and that it was interesting to her. "......I took criminal justice and then later, I loved it and just decided to be a cop..."she says.

Have you worked with someone you really don't like?

We asked Officer Reim and she said YES! She told us that she has worked with someone she may not liked to work with, but you would still have to work together and always have their back each other no matter what. She said ".....Yes I have, and you know what? We will always have their back and you'll always find someone you don't like, but you have to get along with each other anyway..."

Was there a " case surprise " you had before?

Officer Reim says that there was a " case surprise " she had. It was actually a time where a guy at a Dallas party who was actually public intoxicated. He had a big marijuana bag in the back trunk and cocaine in front of the seat and in the back trunk when they searched his car. He got arrested then ran away from the police. Nine months later, he got arrested again in Sherman. She also commented how that was the first time she saw a lot of cocaine before.