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I've appeared on three National Shows: Star Search, American Idol and Showtime at the Apollo. YouTube: Altonet Fillmore

I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to perform on all three shows within 18 months! Though I prefer to write, I've always been comfortable on stage. Star Search provided an awesome opportunity to network and make new friends. American Idol had the longest audition process ever. That's when I knew fame wouldn't come via reality shows, lol. By the time Showtime at the Apollo rolled around, I was a professional; advising others how to control their nerves and relax when auditioning. Those opportunities were very special and - might I add - proved to be a wonderful conversational piece once added under the Hobbies section on my resume, lol.


As quoted by an article written by Be the Match:

Altonet Fillmore answered the call to donate 16 years after she joined the registry as a college freshman. Now 35, Fillmore has a busy life, working in human resources for a Houston health care company and singing on the side. In fact, she’s competed on three national talent shows—Star Search, American Idol and Showtime at the Apollo. When Altonet received the call as a potential matching donor for a patient, she didn’t have any second thoughts. She knew she wanted to donate.

“It was a privilege and an honor to be able to give something that my body makes every day and be able to save a life,” said Fillmore, who donated in the summer of 2013 to a woman battling a rare blood cancer. The two women hadn’t met, but Fillmore couldn’t stop thinking about her recipient throughout the donation process.

“I wanted to talk with her to ease her mind,” Fillmore said. “I wasn’t worried about myself; I knew I would be fine.”

This lady LOVES LIFE

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Make today the day you save lives through marrow donation
Showtime At The Apollo & Star Search Performances