New Planet Opening Mars

By:Emma Huddleston

Where is It located from the sun?

Mars is the 2nd planet from the sun.
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What is Mars Physical Features?

Mars is a cold place.

It's known as The Red Planet.

Mars also has many craters.

The clay is also a rich iron.

The Ice Caps can be seen at the poles.

What is it attractive sights of Mars?

Mars has a attractive sights is mars has many volcanoes that you can study on. Mars also has a rick clay that you can learn about.

How many moons does Mars have?

Mars has 2 Moons.

- Phobos

- Deimos

What is Mars atmosphere like?

Mars atmosphere is slowly depleted into outer space.

What is the tempature like?

The temperatures are hot because you are going to be close to the sun. When you are closer to the sun you have warmer temperatures.
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Mars gravity will make you feel skinny and lighter.