By: Isabel Villarreal


Setting: 1776-1777, New York City, New Jersey

Characters: Isabel, Ruth, Curzon, The Locktons

Rising Action

-Ruth and Isabel are sold to the Locktons and they go to New York

-Curzon wants Isabel to be a spy for the rebels

-Madam sold Ruth without Isabel knowing

-Isabel runs away and gets caught and as punished she gets burned on the cheek

- The British invaded New York in 1776


Isabel goes to serve Lady Seymour , and there is a fire. Isabel helps Lady Seymour save her possessions. Lady Seymour got very ill.

Falling Action

-Isabel gives food to the slaves that fought in the British war and she found Curzon

-One day Ms Lockton locks Isabel in the potato bin

-Isabel was able to escape and went to say goodbye to Lady Seymour, she gave Isabel money and said "run"

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-Isabel goes to the prison and helps Curzon escape, they got on a rowboat and left New York to go to New Jersey where they could be free, but then they separate after an argument on where they should go next


Chains takes place in 1776 and it is about a girl who is sold with her sister after her mother and her previous owner are sold. She is fighting for her and her little sisters freedom by helping the rebels without her owners knowing. She also has to keep her sister out of trouble so that she isn't sold.

Character Analiysis

  • All Isabel wants is for her sister and herself to be free
  • She knew that the Locktons would never free her so she helped the rebels
  • Even after her sister was sold she helped the rebels by taking them food while they were in jail
  • At night she always missed her mother and after her sister was sold she missed her sister too
  • When she was told that her sister had been sold she ran away and got punished for it