latin america.

learn about latin america by Ethan chuck

Mexicos polunion problem.

Mexico has a wild pollution problem . It has air pollution, water and litter pollution . Mexico is believed to be one of the most polluted places in the world . like Mexico city has a huge air pollution problem. this is caused by over population and that means more cars trucks and busses. Another problem is the fact Mexico city is a industrial city. and the largest reason is that Mexico city is trapped in a mountain valley.Like I said air pollution is not the only pollution in Mexico . since Mexico is a (H,Q) for the industry . Every day there are factors that dump chemical wast in the ocean, rivers ,and, lakes or ponds. This is very harmful to the wild life . because if the water is polluted the that will harm the fish and the animals the art the fish or drink the water . And that is Mexico’s pollution problems .

The Aztecs

The Aztec were a huge empire that ruled the valley of Mexico . The Aztec empire contain a treaty between three states and other land they took over. The Aztec had huge cities that had large temples and buildings . But they had a creepy side too. The aztec’s religion was very brutal . they believed that human sacrifice was what they needed to do to please the gods. one very common sacrifice was when a group of high status people went to the top of the main temple and to keep the sun rising every day. they would do a sacrifice every morning. and now for the weird side of the aztec. the capital city was on a lake . The city was not built on a island it was built on floating rafts and big one too. But this cool floating city had its false things too. AND this weak link in the chain brought this mighty entire to a end . But the empire had to come to a end some day . in 1520 the Spanish came and tried to take over the city but failed . But even though they failed they left behind sickness and over the years more and more people died from the deasese that was left behind and son the spanish came back and took over the aztec. And that is the end of the aztec.

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Eviorment problems in Cuba

Cuba has a lot of eviorment problems . Such as water pollution and and there is also a lot of air pollution. Lets start with the water pollution. Cuba has a lot of water pollution because of different industries that dump there waste in rivers the ocean and ponds. this will harm any wild life in the area. A solution for this problem would to invest on cleaning the water. or limit the amount of wast and trash a factory can dump . Now for air pollution. Cuba has a lot air pollution because they have a lot of old cars that release more fumes than brand new cars . They also have pollution from power plants. You can think about some solutions but if you cant think of any thing here are some ideas. For the car pollution you could get some cars fixed and repaired so they don't release so much fumes or just buy new cars . And that is cuba's eviorment.

Cuba's economy.

It is time to talk about Cuba’s economy . Cuba has a stable economy.with a literacy rate of 100% in people over 15 years old and a GDP of

5351.30 USD that is a really high GDP but in 1970 the GPD was in the one thousands .

. there most common products are sugarcane, tobacco, citrus, coffee, rice, potatoes, beans and livestock. so if you like any of these products you could be using something from Cuba. how crazy is that. But did you know that the Netherlands , Venezuela , Canada , China , are Cuba’s main exports . And these are the rest of Cuba’s exported products , sugar, medical products, nickel, tobacco, shellfish, citrus, and coffee. While its main imports are capital goods food and fuel such as, oil and coal . Did you know that one of Cuba’s main exports are oil and coal because about 96 % of Cuba’s energy is from those products. but Cuba is trying to go more eco friendly by putting solar panels in rule areas. but My opinion on this is that this is a good idea because Cuba is near the equator so it gets a lot of sun light.

brazils Government

Brazil is a Federal Government hens the full name the Federal Republic of Brazil. The power in their government is split between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches it is kind of like the United States of America or USA . And they got a president too. The current leader of brazil is Dilma Vana Rousseff born December 14 1947 and is 67. And the term for brazils president is two 4 year terms and can run for office in another 4 years . So if you liked being the commander and chief of brazil you will have to hold back 4 long years . a problem with brazils government is the fact that there own president only has a 8% approval rate by her own people. And that is bad to be hated by your own people and you are the president of that country . So Dilma Rousseff . Snd that is brazils government .