Pennsylvanian Era

By Dylon Hagans


Hello, I am going to take on a awesome journey back 320-286 million years ago in the Pennsylvanian era, but you need a lot of things before you go. You need to have food and water for the trip. You need winter clothes for the ice age and some shoes to climb the Glaciers. You also need Weapons like guns to protect against dinosaurs and other reptiles that come to get you. Those are some needs on this trip in the Pennsylvanian time.

Pennsylvanian time period

Weather and environment

The climate was very tropical at first and it was a swampy environment. That is why you need boots on this trip. Then, in the ice age you will freeze a lot of things died in that period. It is an icy and cold environment.

Major events

One major event was that an ice age happened and killed a lot of animals. It was a tragic event and made me sad to hear. You know the smoky mountains on the east. It just started forming in the Pennsylvanian era. It has been there for millions of years until today. North America today is seasonal but in the Pennsylvanian time period, it was tropical. So was Northern Europe so that proves continental drift is true. Reptiles, amphibians, and the first winged insects came in this time period.
The Carboniferous Period - Earth Science Project

Animals and plants you would like to see.

If you like dinosaurs, plants, or animals, you have came to the right place but this is not Jurassic Park where they are captive. No, they are out there in a free world so that is why I would bring guns. But there are a lot of animals to see. There is millipedes, Velociraptors, Mesosaurus. Oh yeah, I forgot that you are not going to swim because of the mesosaurus. There are plants too like ferns, horsetails, club mosses, and more.
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