By Aleuca A



Horses are mammals. Like may others they have four legs.There are lots of unique things about horses here are some of them: Horses can sleep standing up and lying down, They have bigger eyes than any other animal that lives on land.


Horses are part of Greek mythology. An example is The horse of Alexander the great. His name was Bucephalus. Legends also tell of Unicorns and A winged horse Pegasus.

Ponies and Horses

Many may not know but there are differences between horses and ponies. Horses are over 14.2 hh. Hh means hands high hh is what we measure horses in. 1 hand = 4 inches. Where as the pony is 14.2 or under.

Parts Of The horse

Horses have different parts of their body. On their back there is a lump called the withers. Horses have a hoof which also has parsts including the wall, the frog and the cannon.

This is a diagram of a horses body.

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Horses come in many different breeds. There are over 200 breeds including the quarter horse that was named after the quarter of a km race. The fallabella is the smallest where as the clydesdale is the biggest.


Horses are unique animals not only because of their personality because of their amazing colours and coats. My favourite horse colour is Dapple grey. Grey comes in different shades. Chestnut, Bay, Black, White and and again different sources of roan.


What horse people call tack is what we put on horses so we can ride them. Two different bits of tack go on different parts of the horse. One called the bridle goes on the horses head so we can hold on with our hands and we can steer. The other one goes on the horses back so we can make them move and we can stay on better.

English Tack

English tack is used for english riding. Dressage always has english saddles.Often in big shows they are black but they can also be brown.

Western Tack

Western we all think of cowboys don`t we. And cowboys ride horses don`t they. And those horses wear western saddles - don`t they.

Wild Horses - Zebras

Zebras well they are equines just stripey. The have a special stripe that goes down their back called a dorsal stripe. Zebras are very fast but still get hunted for their lovely skin and by their predators.

A Horses History

Horses have been around for millions of years and were in much smaller sizes and with TOES!!

a few of the ancient horse names are the Hyracotherium and the Orohippus. The Hyracotherium had four toes on their front feet and three on their back. Another is the Orohippus which was slightly larger than the Hyracotherium and the neck was also longer.

This is the skeleton of the Orohippus.

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Play Fighting

When Horses Fight it may look like pain but it is not. Horses only attack if they are stallions fighting for fillys or protecting their herd. But some people make horses fight for fun,money and entertainment.

Horse Slaughter

Horses- Unique, Amazing, And every other positive thing. But some horses just got the wrong owner. The owners that don`t care about them. They have very unhappy lives. In the end they turn into dog food unless someone special comes along and rescues them and takes the time that those horses need.


Horses need food to survive. (Just like Humans) There are many different types of feed including chaff, barley,oats,pollen and hay. Wild horses can eat grass and so can normal horses But if they eat to much they can get sick. Different horses have different diets. Such as the thoroughbred which needs lighter and not as much food. But the Clydesdale eats a lot.

Safety Around Horses

Horses are Unpredictable and we need to be safe around them. In the Olympics you will see riders with helmets on. Well not in the dressage. When you do lessons or pony club you will be encouraged to wear body protectors and boots. When around horses you should not be running around like a mad bean otherwise the horse could get frightened and you will get hurt.