D1 Science

Incorporating the Perot Museum in Science

The Perot Museum is TEKS aligned!

It doesn't take long walking through the Perot Museum to see that it is aligned with our Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills. Around every corner, there is another connection to our students vertically aligned curriculum. The museum was easy to navigate with students from all over the region, and you can even enjoy a TEKS aligned 3D film. We managed to move through all 4 floors and the film in 4 hours. It's probably best to start at the top of the museum and work your way down because most of the kinesthetic activities are on the 1st & 2nd floor. Taking a field trip to the museum is a great experience for anytime of the year and could also be used as a review in the spring for the 5th grade science STAAR exam!

In this newsletter, the TEKS are paired with the Perot Museum's Nature and Science Exhibits. We have also included links to Perot Museum resources and information. Remember to discuss all science field trip details with campus principals before contacting the museum about a visit.

Thank you, M.B.Henderson Elementary, for inviting me to chaperone your 5th grade science trip to the Perot Museum! It was truly an amazing learning experience!

Aligning Science TEKS with Perot Museum Exhibits

Thank you to all the CICs & Chaperones!

D1 Science Leadership

Lonique Coots

Science Academic Facilitator

Division 1, Dallas ISD