What Happened to Aunt Elda?

By: Sydney Aason period 4

How we made the "anesthesia"

We had two beakers one was filled with regular water and the other one was water with green food coloring. We mixed the two solutions together to get the percentage that our group had to make. Every group made a different percentage so when we did the lab each group had all the percentages.

What we did next.

After we made all of the solutions, we started to answer the pre-lab questions as a group. The questions and answers to those were; Tell me an experience that you have has with anesthesia. If you have ever had the experience, do you foresee a future experience? when I went to the dentist one time to get a filling/ cavity they had to give me some anesthesia. While they were doing stuff to my tooth i couldn't feel anything and after they were done i didn't remember anything and i was acting kind of loopy. The second question was What characteristics of an anesthesia that are desirable? you don't have any pain or memory of what happened. The third question was What characteristics of anesthesia that are not desirable? you could die if you are given too much of it.

Testing the anesthesia!

Finding out how Elda died.

How did Aunt Elda die?

After we tested and found out all the percentages we went and tested aunt Eldas. Her percentage told us that the doctor gave her too much anesthesia and she died of an overdose.