News from the Nest

Week of 10/19-10/23

Mix It Up Day

The students really enjoyed Mix It Up Day! The purpose of Mix It Up Day is to allow students of different grade levels to interact and get to know each other a little better. All the students now have a few more familiar faces in the building.

We spent our Mix It Up time doing three activities with Miss Doranski's 5th grade class. We do not have lunch or recess with 5th grade, so it allowed us to meet students that we may not otherwise have the chance to meet.

Due to Mix It Up, we did not have time to complete our Reflection Journal letter.


Next week, we will begin our Fiction unit. We will start by exploring several types of fiction to gain a better understanding of the fiction genre. The types of fiction we will look at include folktales, fables, historical fiction and realistic fiction. This will be a preview, we will go deeper into each type of fiction as we move through the unit.

Students will also recognize that fiction follows a sequential text structure and they will use the text structure and features to retell the key details of a story.


Next week, students will complete the On Demand Narrative Assessment. They will have two days (45 minutes each day) to complete all the stages of their writing. Students are expected to apply all that they have learned about writing a personal narrative to this piece of writing. This is the piece that I will use to assess their writing skills for the first quarter.

We will then begin out next unit: Adapting and Writing Fairy Tales. We will begin by reading fairy tales together and determining the elements of fairy tales. Students will then spend time reading different fairy tales and determining how the elements are represented in each fairy tale.

The first piece that the students will write will be an adaptation of either The Three Billy Goats Gruff or Little Red Riding Hood. We will end the week reading these fairy tales. Students will decide which fairy tale they are going to adapt.


Students will take the Unit 1 post test on Monday.

Students will then look at their graded test and complete a self reflection on how they did. For each problem, they will look to see if they got the correct or incorrect answer. If a problem is marked incorrect, students will check their work and record if the mistake made was a simple mistake, a vocabulary mistake, or something they need more practice on. Students will set a goal for themselves on what they need to focus on for the week in order to correct their test.

For skills needing reteach, I will meet with small groups to do this. While students are not meeting with me, they will choose activities from a choice board to reinforce or deepen their understanding of the skills that they learned throughout the unit.

Accelerated Math 2.0

Accelerated Math 2.0 is a program we use in math. Once or twice a week, students log into their Accelerated Math 2.0 account to complete problems that I have assigned. Each student is a part of 2 groups. Group 4 has all the students in our class in it. The problems in this group are directly related to the skill we worked on that day. I use this as a check for understanding. The other group that the students are a part of moves through all the skills in the unit at their own pace.

You can log into Renaissance Learning Home Connect (the same program used for AR) to check your child's progress. I have placed a letter in Friday Folders that explains how to log in. Once you are in you can click on the Math tab at the top and then the Accelerated Math 2.0 link. You will then be able to check progress for the groups that your child is assigned to. You will be able to see the exact problems that your child got right or wrong once you click on each assignment box that has a score on it. This is a great way for you to check how your child is doing in math and to see what your child needs extra practice with at home.


  • Student Council speeches will take place on Monday. The first student council meeting will be on Tuesday, 10/20.
  • Reading Log due on Monday
  • Book orders are due by next Friday, 10/23. Our online code is JVVGG.

District 68 Mission Statement

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