Welcome to Zoraco!

The city of Zoraco has been in existence since 1967. It welcomes all types of families and promotes a safe and sustainable environment for the Zoraco community. But to provide a safe and sustainable environment, Zoraco has to participate by using less resources and being less injurious. That is why we need your help! If you can contribute with little things, it will make a big difference in the city. So why wait? The future of Zoraco is in your hands!

Urban land uses in Zoraco


Zoraco is a suburban community, you will find alot of suburban housing, this includes detached, semi-detached, single floor homes, and townhouses. In the heart of the community you will find low rise apartments, motels, hotels, condos, and high rise apartments.


In Zoraco you will find lots of small businesses, cafes, gyms, walk in clinics, dental clinics, dealerships, gas stations, food banks, malls, and grocery stores.


Zoraco's industry provides 3 mines, 5 factories, and 4 warehouses. these are all located on the edges of Zoraco. This is for the best way to avoid pollution to the public.

Open Space

In Zoraco we have lots of youth activities. we have around 46 parks for the youth to utilize. But you can find soccer stadiums, skateparks, aboriginal forests, football fields, baseball fields, indoor&outdoor courts and tourist sites. Zoraco is also home to lots of green space.
The Natural Step and Sustainability explained in 2 minutes