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Next Week in Room 402! (Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd)

-Students worked this week to meet their first annotated bibliography deadline of 5 MLA source citations, each followed by one brief paragraph summarizing the source and stating its significance in their Independent Study Project research. If students were not able to finish during class time, they can submit their work via Blackboard over the weekend (enter the course on Blackboard, go to Activities, click Independent Study Project #1, click Annotated Bibliography #1 at the bottom of the page, browse the computer for the saved document, click Open, and then hit Submit). You might want to check with your child in regards to whether he or she was able to complete their work. Additionally, some students will benefit from a trip to the public library at some point during the time we spend on these projects. Thank you for your support of your children's learning!

-Students will conference with me about their sources on Monday (B-day students) and Tuesday (A-day students). I want to gauge how everyone is doing, what they're struggling with, if there are materials or information that I can help them find, etc. We will also review MLA one-on-one, as this will be important for them to be familiar with all the way through college.

-Our next Independent Study Project mini-deadline is Oct. 2nd for B-day students and Oct. 5th for A-day students. Students will submit the second half (5) of their required sources in an annotated bibliography on Blackboard. They will continue to add citations and information to their research folders in order to keep their research progress organized. A list of all upcoming deadlines is listed below.

-Chess Club met for the first time in Room 402 on Thursday afternoon until 4:00. We will meet again next Thursday right after school. Any new participants must have a signed intramural permission form on file! (Mrs. Manes has extras in her room if anyone needs one.)

-Students interested in Model UN will need to let me know ASAP and submit a $15 registration fee by Wednesday, Sept. 30th. Checks should be made out to TMUN and turned in to me. I'll take care of registering our group of Model UN-ers. The big event will take place in Topeka on Feb. 29th and March 1st. Countries will be assigned to delegates on Oct. 23rd, so we will begin meeting after each participating student has a country. Students should work to compile a list of five or so countries they are interested in representing. More to come on Model UN!

-I have spent time meeting with a sophomore in KU's engineering program who is a former South student. She plans to bring some of her colleagues to South to present to my students about the field of engineering and other STEM career paths. Additionally, she'd love the opportunity to assist in our kids' preparations for KU Engineering Expo, as well as additional engineering challenges. She is a member of the KU chapter of Society of Women Engineers, and we are looking into establishing our own junior chapter at South! I think together we will be able to offer our kids some really exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery in STEM this year!

-Book Club will be offered after school beginning in a couple of weeks. I'm working with a professor of mine at the University of Arkansas who specializes is young adult literature to come up with a list of appropriate, yet challenging, book titles that we might explore this year. I'll keep students posted on meeting dates -- likely every two weeks -- times, and titles.

-Students interested in Math Intramurals can attend the first meeting on Thursday, Oct. 8th in Ms. Poettker's room from 3:10 until 4 p.m.. She is the sponsor of all Math Intramurals and related competitions. Students do not have to compete in order to participate in intramurals, and students do not have to participate in all intramurals in order to compete. For more information on these rules and other details, please see Ms. Poettker.

-Don't forget! KU Literature Festival is coming up on Oct. 20th. Students participating should be reading their chosen book! Books must be read prior to attending the event.

As always, I welcome parent communication! If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, don't hesitate to be in touch.

ISP Deadlines

October 2nd & 5th - Remaining 5 sources due in annotated bibliography format

October 19th & 20th - Rough draft of research paper due; Peer edits

October 26th & 27th - Conferences with Mrs. Manes

October 30th & November 2nd - Final draft of research paper due

November 10th – 19th - Final presentations given and products due at time of presentation

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