December 23rd Activities

Assembly Notes


Please see the agenda below for the order of songs during the assembly.


We will call each grade level down beginning at approximately 8:20am. Please listen for your grade level and where you will enter from. All students will sit on the floor since we will be singing and dancing. Staff are encouraged to sing and dance with the students as well!


  • After singing two songs we will line up for our skit-The Twelve Days of Lopatcong Elementary School.
  • Please find your number and location. The first day (Preschool teachers and aides) will be on the left (when you are facing the bleachers-preschool playground side) The tenth day (fourth grade teachers) will be all the way on the right (when you are facing the bleachers-cafeteria side). I will have signs out with where to stand so you can find your spot quickly.
  • Please have your spokesperson ready and bring any props you have when you line up. We will start at one and go right down the line.
  • On the twelfth day at Lopatcong Elementary School, I will say the whole staff wishes you a happy holiday and a relaxing, enjoyable winter break. We will all say Happy Holidays and Wave.

Assembly Agenda

  1. Celebrate Kwanza (Song/Dance)
  2. Joyous Hanukkah (Song/Dance)
  3. Teacher Skit-The Twelve Days of Lopatcong
  4. Rockin' on the Housetop (Song/Dance)
  5. Once Upon a Wintertime Medley (Song/Dance)
  6. Teacher of the Year Announcement

Specials and Prep

Tomorrow is a very busy day. We will follow the half day schedule with no lunch. Special teachers, please offer to cover for the teacher whose class you are scheduled to teach so that teacher can have his/her prep if needed, even if it is during the assembly or party time. Thank you for working together on this!

Pajama Day

Tomorrow is Pajama Day! Don't forget to wear your favorite pajamas!

Staff Breakfast

Please join us for a staff breakfast tomorrow morning (December 23) beginning at 7:30am in the APR to celebrate the holidays.

Happy Holiday

I would like to take a moment to wish you all a very happy holiday, an enjoyable winter break, and a happy new year! The breakfast tomorrow morning and jeans today are just a small token of appreciation for all you do throughout the year! Thanks for being positive and making this a great place for our students, staff, and parents!