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Job Description

You will teach and prepare lesson plans and assignments for basic subjects, grade assignments, tutor students in one on one and in small group sessions. You will also display quality work with feedback on standereds based bulliton boards, manipulate data from student assessments to determine individual needs and strengths of students. You will conference with students, parents, and staff to support students in all academic areas, document accomidations provided for students with special needs, and nuture a safe learning enviroment for all learners.

Training and Education

In order for you to get this job offer you must have at least a bachelor's degree with certification to teach in a specific content area. A bachelors degree takes about 4 years in collage to get.

Salery and Benefits

You will earn about 50,000$ per year, but it also depends on education and work experience. For health ensurance it depends on if you opt in or opt out, you also get to choose the level of insurance and pay a certain price for what you choose and that comes straight out of your pay check.

What are some Pro's and Con's of this carreer?

Some pro's are that you get to work with children, mostley summers off, same holidays as your children, and you get to see children progress and be excited about learning.

Some con's about this position are long days even when the students leave, and not alot of money per hour spent working.

How will I use technology?

You will use technlogy all of the time! You will use computers, i-pads, mobi's, elmo's, clickers, and many more to help kids learnand show this progression.

How can I maintain this job?

Remain proffecional in all circumstances , be able to show student growth in content area, show up to work on time and be at work for your entire working period which should be about 12 to 14 hours per day, and attend all required trainings. You will work with about 80 co-workers and about 40 students and how many people you work for will just depend on your level.

Future Job Growth

There will always be a need for educators as long as there are children to learn! Although over years of work or eduacation you may get a raise or promotion.

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