By Anthony Alicea

Location/ College

Old Dominion University

location: Norfolk, VA

Applying for ODU

you will need:


official high school transcript/GED Transcript

Official SAT/ACT transcript

Essay- 400 words minimum optional

1-3 reccomendation letters optional

official AP test scores or Dual Enrollments scores

Admission Requirements/Application

High School Diploma

English: 4 years

Math: 4 years

Social Studies: 3 years

Science: 3 years
Foregin Languages: 3 years

GPA: at least a 3.3

SAT math: 511

SAT Reading: 510

ACT: 21

Application Fee: $50

Attractions nerby

By the Sea

around multiple restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping

Department/ Tutuion/ Degree/Hours of class/ financial aid

department of dental hygine

Degree type: Dental hygine Udergrade

hours 12 of each course equals to a total 49-55

tutuion $316 per credit hour

total cost without housing and food meals: $208,560

financial aid: private lender/ or apply from bank

statistics of my job


Unemployment rate .9 percent

median salary: $146,340

jobs :23,300

Quote from a dentist

I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. he told me to wear a brown tie.
- Rodney Dangerfield

Comment on the school

Love my school. Yeah, it reminds some of the DMV setting, but honestly, college is what you make out of it and if you're going to college to get a degree, than that's all you have to worry about. ANYWHERE you go you will find rude staff or full parking or whatever you have to talk about, so whether it is ODU or anywhere else, there are pros and cons to everything and ODU is home. ODU is some place that regardless of the outside crime (that there is EVERYWHERE), I felt at home and I do not regret coming here because the people you meet, the memories you make, the grades you get - they're all on you and if all is how you want it to be and strive for it to be, you'll fall in love with the school too.- Ananomyse