Home Theatre System Installations

for an Improved Viewing Experience

Home Theatre System Installations for an Improved Viewing Experience

Now, do not get me wrong, I am no telly addict but that is not to say that it does not run in the family. My older brother was always known for being a bit of a geek, but you know what they say, be nice to geeks because one day one of them may be your boss. Well, he is certainly done very well for himself but spends his entire leisure time watching TV or playing on his games console.

We were all pretty surprised when he said that he was moving in to a place of his own, we thought he might even have found himself a girlfriend but no – that was not it at all. He rang me one night with exciting news – to tell me that he had been looking into home theatre system installations. I could not believe it. Far from expanding his social life he was going to surround himself with technological wizardry to make his virtual world more real. He always did feel more at home in the virtual world.

Anyway, good to his word he had this all singing, all dancing system installed and could not wait for me to go around and take a look. I must say I was very impressed, it was way out of my financial capabilities but he has got a good job and nothing else to spend his money on.

He has got the most enormous flat screen TV on his wall and, to be fair the room is not really that big. I dare say that if he turned his surround sound onto full volume it would bring the windows crashing in and goodness knows what his neighbours would say, but that is down to him, isn’t it?

He is now extremely happy spending all of his time alone in his home theatre watching sci-fi and horror movies (especially the old ones), playing video games and generally being geeky.

I have always been very fond of my brother and stuck up for him on endless occasions as we were growing up . . . and now it is payback time. When I said that he spends all of his time alone in his home theatre watching the TV and movies that was not strictly true, it is amazing how much more appealing the thought of visiting is since he had the home theatre system installations. I just wish he had not moved quite so far away.

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