CGC1D0-Fundamental Course Question

"Is Canada The Best Place In The World To Live?"

In my opinion Canada is the best place in the world to live for many reasons.

Changing Populations


Immigration, makes up one-sixth of Canada's population. In fact, Canada is eight largest country in the world that has the most number of immigrants coming and so many pull factors help immigrants from around the world come here, and make a home in Canada. Some factors include:

  • Large landmass and abundant natural resources available
  • Clean, and healthy environment to live in
  • free healthcare
  • Developed and well governed country
  • Good education that is available to everyone
  • Safe country that is safe from war

These are a few of many factors that makes citizens from all around the world come and live here in Canada.


Canada accepts everyone from all over the world including first nations. Canada has a big amount of first nations living here. In 2011 4.3% of Canada's population was made up of Aboriginals. This may seem like a small percentage, but is really a big deal compared to other countries.


Canada has many different settlement patterns. Such as clustered, scattered and linear. So, for people who like to live in clustered settlements, they can look at Vancouver or down town Toronto. For a scattered settlement people look for areas such as southern Alberta or Saskatchewan and northern Ontario. And mid- British Colombia is a good place to settle in for a linear pattern.

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Interactions With The Physical Environment

Landforms of Canada:

What makes Canada so appealing land wise, is that Canada has a variety of regions and landforms that makes it diverse and lets any type of person want to live in this country. Each region, has its own special characteristic that makes it unique. For example, the interior plains, is known for its natural gas, and is a main wheat-producing region for Canada. The Appalachian region is made up of the eastern coastal provinces, which provides Canada the fishing industry and benefits the economy and gives the person their choice of place to live.

Natural Disasters:

Another factor that makes Canada a strong country physically, is the number of natural disasters, which Canada barely gets. Natural disasters can effect the economy, as it costs a lot to reconstruct and get back everything that was lost, and the amount of damage one tornado or a major earthquake can do, can really destroy the land forms. So, that makes Canada very invulnerable to major disasters that may occur in Canada. All these advantages of living in Canada, makes it an even more safe environment to live in.

Canadian Landforms

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries

Levels Of Development

The three levels of developments are based on the social and economic factors, and the three groups are:

  • Developed Countries
  • Newly Industrializing Countries
  • Developing Countries

Canada falls under the "Developed Countries" category and this can be proved by looking at the social and economic factors.

Social Development:

Social factors include the life expectancy of the country, the education level, the health care and other factors.

Life Expectancy

(The average life span of a population)

The life expectancy of Canadians is about 81 years which is a lot compared to other countries around the world. This is a good factor for some immigrants that may have an illness, or is looking for a better healthcare.


(Percentage of country that has the ability to read and write)

88% of adults have the adults living in Canada have gained the equivalent to a high school diploma. Most immigrants are usually moving to raise a family so that their children have a better future. This is why they look at education rankings, and Canada is in the top ten.

Health Care - Quality of health care

(An average amount of people each doctor must look after)

The health care of a country is very important for immigrants that are in need of help because they are hurt, or maybe they are disabled and need more of a newer technology for their treatment. Most people that have that case, would look to Canada considering as they are a first world country.

Natural Increase Rate

(The difference between the birth rate and death rate)

The natural increase rate of Canada in 2012/2013 was 130,581. The birth rate of Canada is much higher than the death rate which shows that Canada has a very good environment to live in that is safe for anyone

Food Supply

(Amount of food energy needed to survive for each country)

Canada's food supply is very abundant. It is predicted that the food supply of Canada will not run out any time soon and the food supply obviously is a very important factor as the population of Canada gets bigger and bigger.

Economic Development:

The economic development of a country has to do with the wealth of a country

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Per Capita

(The value of goods and services a country produces per person in 1 year)

The GDP of Canada was $1.821 trillion (US) in 2012. From this number you can see that Canada has a high standard of living and that the wealth is equally spread through out Canada.


Trade is the main component that boosts up Canada's economy, and keeps it strong. It provides most of the money that Canada needs for all their services. Economy is a big pull factor not only to people that are planning to move here, but to big services and companies. They look for countries to trade with all the time.


Canadian exports include the trading of mostly raw materials such as fish, crops and especially timber and oil. Both of these resources are very important to the economy as most of the countries trade for both timber and oil from Canada.

Liveable Communities

Urban Places (Urban settlement Patterns):

these patterns are different places is the country which attract tourists and make up a country, and some places are:

Manufacturing Cities:

The benefits of manufacturing cities such as Hamilton (steel) or Sarnia (petrochemical) is that goods are mass produced in factories which means Canada depends on the secondary industries, and provides many jobs across the country. This can be very useful to new Canadian citizens because it is usually the first thing they try to look for to make money.

Tourist Cities:

Cities like Banff, Ontario and Niagara Falls, are made to attract the attention of tourists and are a major pull factor why so many people come to Canada and live in these cities. Canada is a major tourist area and most tourists that come to Canada and are looking for a new country to live in, choose Canada because of all the attractions and scenery.

Diversified Urban Cities:

These are large cites that fulfil all of the main functions that make a city a 'city' like transportation, services, industries, cultural centres and other functions. These cities make immigrants come and live here because of all the diverse providers. All of the important things like jobs, shopping malls, and community centres are close to you which makes a liveable community that Canada has evolved to be.


Organic farming are ways to sustainably farm, so that in the future, it doesn't run out. It is important to ensure the continuous produce without the fear of running out.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a very sustainable way to farm compared to conventional ways. It uses natural fertilizers to help retain the soil, which helps the next time you farm. All over Canada, organic farming is taking place, and is continuing to grow. It gives the ensurence to new immigrants Some practices of organic farming are:

Biological Pest Control:

This type of farming, is a way to kill the insects and bad bacteria that can harm the vegetation, without using pesticides, but with other living organisms. Without using the bad chemicals that conventional farming uses. The biological pest control uses good pests controls that don't spread pollutants into the environment and also doesn't kill the healthy crops and vegetation around it. Canada does this so it ensures the sustainability of the crops.

Crop Rotation:

Crop rotation is a n efficient way of farming a lot of crops in large numbers without having the pesticides harming them too much. Having each sector of the land dedicated to one type of crop, it gives each an advantage and sustainable way to grow, and ensure the growth in the future. Almost everywhere in Canada you can see farmers using crop rotation, as it helps in efficiency and sustainability.

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