Presenting the #SwagBike lineup!

"If you ain't stlyin', you ain't ridin'".

The all new #SwagBike lineup brings style in every category of biking.

The #SwagBike has three new, dazzling bike models. The Swag Bike Ultra, the Swag Bike Mountain, and the Swag Bike Cruiser.

The Swag Bike Ultra -
The Swag Bike Ultra is for the typical biker. Includes multiple accessories to make riding an unstressful pleasure. Comes in multiple, appealing colors. All of this, and a one time, cheap, easy price of $120 U.S. dollars, the Swag Bike Ultra is perfect for any typical rider.

The Swag Bike Mountain -
The Swag Bike Mountain is a revolutionary, stylish, new off road bike. Most modern mountain bikes of the era, are ugly, and dull colored. Swag Bike Mountain is just the opposite. Swag Bike Mountain is brilliantly colored in modern day, electronic feeling colors. The design of the bike was taken into great consideration. The final output was a perfect balance of style and durability. $575 U.S. dollars.

The Swag Bike Cruiser -
Swag Bike Cruiser is perfect for those sunset rides on your favorite biking trail. It's sleek, elegant design, proves for an effortless, and a much more pleasureful ride. $125 U.S. dollars.