Civil Rights Movement Leaders

By: Matt Hinsberger

Martin Luther King, Jr.

He taught the no violence act. When people get hit he wanted them to not retaliate, and just act like nothing had happened. His way was more effective than using violence. Unlike Malcolm X, who used violence. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great speaker and could easily motivate a crowd. I would Rate him 10 even though people got tired of non violence and wanted to be violent back to the white. They stayed with him and didn't hit back and followed what he had said.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X Taught the violence act. He thought if African Americans get hit, to hit back. People turned to him because they were irritated, and had to blow off steam. They wanted a way to hit back and now they had the leader that told them too. He was an effective leader but not as effective as Martin Luther King, Jr. He was great with his words and with motivating the people. I would rate him 8 because his way wasn't as effective as non violence, but he was an overall good leader.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks planned on getting arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus. She wanted the public to know how she got arrested, and how dumb it was. Her plan worked, she became really popular for not giving up that seat. People realized how unfair it actually was. She accomplished her goal by doing that and it was a non violent act and worked as planned. She was a big part of the Civil Rights Movement, and she wasn't necessarily a leader, like Malcolm or Martin. I rate her a 7 because she helped a lot but not as much as actual leaders did. She was overall a great help to the Civil Rights Movement, even though the only thing she did was not give up her seat.