Sudie News

Week of September 22, 2014

Principal's Message

It is that time of the year when we are in full swing. Six weeks common assessments, report cards, data teams, lesson plans, professional development and tutoring on the horizon. It seems like no matter what you do, you just can't get ahead. Every year around this time we all begin to feel overwhelmed with the amount of things that are expected of all us. I came across a quote that speaks to this. "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner." Being a teacher or being in education for that matter, is definitely not a smooth sea. We get better by going through difficult times, by learning from those experiences and by working hard to get better for our students. When you are starting to run out of steam try this antidote.

  1. Do one thing with your class each week that reminds you of why you became a teacher.
  2. Ask your students what they are most excited to learn about outside of the classroom, and find ways to bring these into lessons.
  3. Keep a journal for all of the hilarious and cute comments you get from students.
  4. Collaborate with your colleagues and tackle a project together - maybe order pizza or Chinese on days when you have to stay late and tackle the work load together.
  5. Remember how amazing you are, and how much your students love you.

The payoff will not always be immediate, but you are helping change our world.

Thank you for what you do!

Coach's Corner

Love & Logic Pearl of Wisdom

Education is based on a relationship, not a procedure.

Knock Out Job!

Mrs. Eriksen is doing a knock-out job by trying new techniques for student engagement. She has implemented a technique where students teach each other. Students share information like a turn and talk, but they are in the role of a teacher. This technique empowers them and builds their confidence. Not only a great student engagement technique, but also builds positive classroom culture!

Instructional News

My focus this week and next will be on Guided Reading. I will email the checklist I used last year so you know what I am looking for in a Guided Reading lesson. Reading A-Z has great lessons and leveled readers. We also have a literacy library upstairs which is the back part of the room that Reading Partners is using. You can access the literacy library off the hallway going to the elevators. I will send an email out this week with checkout procedures.


Hispanic Heritage Month

Find ways to align your Social Studies standards to Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a great way to teach Social Studies and relevant current events celebrated in our country.


The school calendar states that September 26 is the last day to plan fieldtrips. However, Ms. Dominguez, our fieldtrip coordinator, has given you until October 6 to get all paperwork turned in for your Fall fieldtrips. Ideally there should be one fieldtrip in the Fall and one in the Spring. I would like to ask all grade levels to meet to decide on the two fieldtrips that you are planning on attending this school year. I will need the list of fieldtrips emailed to me by October 1st along with the cost of each and how you plan on paying for the trip. Remember fieldtrips are a great way to extend the learning outside of the classroom. Fieldtrips should be experiences that our students may not otherwise get a chance to experience.

Word of the Week


Dependable - able to be depended on; reliable; trustworthy